Sustainable Fashion

Señorita loves the Planet

We try our best to reduce our carbon foot print! Learn how we are doing this.

Our Señorita tees are 100% Cotton and are printed with Water Based Inks.

Why 100% Cotton?

Our shirts are 100% cotton, this is a conscious move that Señorita made, we want to ensure that we are not adding more plastic to our planet. We did not want our shirts to have Polyester or Nylon fabrics because these fabrics take many years to decompose. You will notice that we have limited styles, with 100% cotton tees comes limited styles and colors. Welcome to una vida consciente.  

What is Water Based Ink?

It is an environmentally friendly option for the eco-conscious consumer. Water based ink is free from Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC.  PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer commonly found in plastisol ink and heat transfers. Say goodbye to plastic on and in your shirts!

What should I expect to see from my water based Ink tee?

You will notice that the ink cannot easily be felt on the surface of the fabric like you would with Plastisol or Heat Vinly press. The print feels soft against your hand. Water based ink soaks into the fabric and becomes part of the shirt. It will not crack or peel, giving you a long lasting shirt.

Earth Friendly Shipping- saaay whaaa!

When we ship to you we ship earth-friendly (insert grito here).

Say adios to those one time use shipping bags that are horrible for our planet. Señorita has found a great alternative, we use 100% Recycled Poly Mailers. What does this mean? This means your mailer is made from recycled content, its reusable and it can be recycled. You'll find a dual adhesive closure, which allows reuse.  It doesn't end there! Our shipping labels are also 100% recycled and recyclable. Traditional labels are silicone coated release, the labels you receive are known as “Zero Waste Release Liner” making them 100% recycled and curbside recyclable. 

"Señorita stands behind quality products, made consciously y con orgullo."